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Information overload? Communication crisis?

Posted by Jason Ouellette on Mar 22, 2011 10:18:19 AM

So I was reading TechCrunch while enjoying some leftovers from last night for lunch just now (are you thinking of the words boring and loser right now, you’re not alone – I am with you) and I came across this piece on Meltwater Group acquiring JitterJam today. Being in the field that I am in and having tested out Meltwater in the past, I read the piece and it got me thinking – how much information is enough already? First off, great for JitterJam to get picked up – I am sure that was their goal and it was met – there are happy people in Bedford, NH today.

It seems as though everything we come across today has an ‘intelligent layer of user information’ on top of it. So where is all of this information coming from and how is it being used? And are we (as communications, marketing and sales professionals) using all of the information that is provided to us or are we taking it for granted? And is all of that information really needed to make that call or can you do some research on your next prospect, come up with your own opinions and reach out to that next prospect?

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Topics: Facebook, social networking, social media, digital communications, Salesforce, CRM

Cloud PR: Managing What You Can’t See

Posted by Adam Novak on Apr 12, 2010 10:00:22 AM

You know an enterprise technology has really taken off when you see it in a TV commercial during Sunday football. But while the media traffic surrounding cloud computing has exploded in recent months, the increased exposure has not necessarily led to further understanding.

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Topics: cloud, Rackspace, Amazon EC2, cloud computing, Salesforce, David Linthicum, Don Johnson

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